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Already know where you would like to look for your accommodation? Your next step should be to start going through offers of property owners and landlords. In this article we will share the list of websites and Facebook groups with the highest density of property offers in Prague.

Facebook Groups

The first location where to look for a place to accommodate yourself for a longer term and the most useful for foreginers at the same time is Facebook. There are plenty of groups where landlords look for tenants and lessees for their future roomates. Most of the groups are in Czech language, but we feature you the combination of both Czech and English speaking groups. The diference is obvious, except the language spoken, in Czech speaking group you can find more Prague citizens offering their places. For English speaker only it can be difficult to find a place to stay in this kind (Czech speaking) of groups, but it is worth trying since the same quality aparments are offered for less rental price than in English speaking groups (usually).


There are other services than just Facebook groups helping you to find your new home in Prague. Here we give you the list of Czech websites where to search for a room, whole flat or just a shared place in the apartment. Mostly you will need to translate the page from Czech via Google Translator, some of the pages have their own translation too. Useful words: pronájem (rental), byt (flat), pokoj (room), sdílený (shared), samostatný (private). Don't know what location you would like to live in? Checkout our post about the best Prague locations for living.


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