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Czech Republic is well known for one of the most expensive mobile phone plans in Europe. This article will help you to choose the best student tariffs and save some big amount of money every month.

Czech mobile phone providers

In Czech Republic there are 3 official mobile operators: T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2. All of them obviously cooperate on their pricing system and offers almost the same tariffs. Luckily, their student cell and data plans vary a lot and discount their original tariffs by tens of percents. There are also virtual mobile network providers like: Kaktus, Tesco Mobile, COOP Mobil, SAZKAmobil, Bleskmobil, MOBIL.cz, ČEZ Mobil etc. These providers operate on networks of official mobile operators and offers better priced services for those who want minimum service for low money. First we will compare student monthly tariffs, in the second section you will find prepaid data plans only.

Student Tariffs


The most used tariff by Czech students. It has high amount of free minutes to all networks (you can even call to foreign countries within Zone 1* using 600 free minutes), unlimited SMS and decent 1.2 GB of data limit. The biggest advantage is that you can get all of this without signing a fixed-term contract. Wisely2Prague recommends this tariff to students at 100%!

  Tariff 26
Calls (all networks) 600 minutes
(5.03/min after consumption)
SMS (all networks) Unlimited
Data (FUP) 1.2 GB
Extra Data price 1 GB / 99 CZK
Price with contract (24 months) -
Price without contract 494 CZK


The offer of O2 company seems quite attractive too, but don't cheer too much, their student tariffs are only available when signing a fixed-term contract for 2 yeas. Thumb down for that!

  [:kůl:] [:kůl:] data 2 GB
Calls (all networks) 120 minutes
(3.50/min after consumption)
120 minutes
(3.50/min after consumption)
SMS (within own network) Unlimited Unlimited
SMS (all networks) 1.50/SMS 1.50/SMS
Data (FUP) 200 MB 2 GB
Extra Data price 200 MB / 49 CZK 2 GB / 149 CZK
Price with contract (24 months) 299 CZK 499 CZK
Price without contract - -


The very last option is to choose T-Mobile "S námi pro mladé" plan. When reading their offer carefully, you can see the price without contract being 150 CZK higher then in case of signing 2-year agreement. Cannot compete with Vodafone tariff too.

  S námi pro mladé
Calls (within own network) Unlimited
Calls (all networks) 120 minutes (3.50/min after consumption)
SMS (all networks) Unlimited
Data (FUP) 700 MB
Extra Data price  -
Price with contract (24 months) 399 CZK
Price without contract 549 CZK

Pre-paid sim card (data only)

Maybe you don't need to use phone calls or send text messages and it is just enough to have a decent amount of the internet for reasonable price. In that case you should look for virtual mobile network providers or Vodafone pre-paid student card. You can easily pick from wide choice of data, phone calls and SMS messages and combine them together as you wish. You always prepay what you want to use in the upcoming month. In case you exceed the limit of the package you can easily buy a new one and continue for following 30 days. In the table bellow, you can find the price list of cheapest data you can get with the company providing this offer in Czech Republic.

  Price Provider
100 MB 50 CZK SAZKAmobil
200 MB 90 CZK SAZKAmobil
500 MB 100 CZK Vodafone
1.5 GB 300 CZK SAZKAmobil
2 GB 390 CZK BLESKmobil

In case you want to pick one of the data plans mentioned above, you can order either online or visit one of their sale points (usually newstand shops). Their websites are unfortunatelly available only in Czech language, so that you need to use a translator. Here are direct links for maps of their sale points: SAZKAmobil / BLESKmobil / Vodafone

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