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The easiest way how to move around Prague is to use our great network of public transport. Why not to make it even easier and search for your connections to travel faster and smarter without going around in circles. We bring you the list of the best Prague public transport apps and websites, where you can search your connection.


prague transport connection search

This service will help you to catch your metro, find connecting tram or search for the right bus or train to your destination in Prague.

Availability of desktop and mobile version of the website, iOS and Android app
Search by stop or exact address feature
Buy sms tickets right from the app
Missing offline search

IDOS mobile app is available in Czech and English version, their website can be reached in German too. This service does not allow you to plan the trip offline, but it remembers last 6 routes searched. The app will find the closest stop using your GPS location and you can either search by exact station or using the address of the place of your destination. On top of that you are able to display your route on the map. There is one extra feature called SMS ticket. Prague transport system allows to buy you tickets via SMS, this app will help you with sending such a message.

Get IDOS under these links

idos app store idos website idos google play

CG Transit

prague transport app

This app will help you to find connecting public transport, catch the tram or search for the right bus or train to your final destination in Prague. Fully offline!

Great user experience with the app
Full offline transport trip planning
30-day trial version for free, then 0.89€ / 1 year
Works only as a mobile app

CG Transit mobile app is available in Czech, Slovak and English version, there is no website version available. The best feature of this service is the offline search. After the installation of the app just download the package called “Prague - PID” and enjoy 30-day trial version for free. If you plan to stay longer, buy the package for 0,89€ when it expires and you will get the access for one year - this app totally worth the money! The app will find the closest stop on a map using your GPS location. You can either search by exact station or using the address of the place of your destination. On top of that you are able to display your route on the map and adjust your connections according to the time you need for your transfers. And there's one more brand new feature - you can easily save your chosen connection and display it later without searching for it.

Get CG Transit under these links

cg transit app store cg transit app website cg transit google play


prague transport without ticket

In some situations you may accidentally ride in Prague transport without the ticket bought. This kind of social network will tell you where to expect ticket inspectors.

Great number of users who keep situation up to date
May save you the fine for travelling without the ticket (800,- CZK)

This service can help you to travel without your ticket not paying the fine. There are plenty of users who mark places occupied by inspectors - stations you should avoid going to (or through). Wisely2Prague gurus do not recommend trying this if you are spending few days in the city like a tourist or using metro on a daily basis.  The inspections, mostly in metro stations, are not rare and the 800,- CZK fine (If you pay right away or within 14 days) is appreciably higher than 310,- CZK for a 3-day ticket. The app works in Czech, English and German versions, website is available only in Czech. Mobile apps are very easy to use and if you want to contribute to the community you need to sign up first.

Get Fare2Bandit under these links

fare2bandit app store fare2bandit website fare2bandit google play

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