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Czech Republic is well known for one of the most expensive mobile phone plans in Europe. This article will help you to choose the best student tariffs and save some big amount of money every month.

Czech mobile phone providers

In Czech Republic there are 3 official mobile operators: T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2. All of them obviously cooperate on their pricing system and offers almost the same tariffs. Luckily, their student cell and data plans vary a lot and discount their original tariffs by tens of percents. There are also virtual mobile network providers like: Kaktus, Tesco Mobile, COOP Mobil, SAZKAmobil, Bleskmobil, MOBIL.cz, ČEZ Mobil etc. These providers operate on networks of official mobile operators and offers better priced services for those who want minimum service for low money. First we will compare student monthly tariffs, in the second section you will find prepaid data plans only.

Student Tariffs


The most used tariff by Czech students. It has high amount of free minutes to all networks (you can even call to foreign countries within Zone 1* using 600 free minutes), unlimited SMS and decent 1.2 GB of data limit. The biggest advantage is that you can get all of this without signing a fixed-term contract. Wisely2Prague recommends this tariff to students at 100%!

  Tariff 26
Calls (all networks) 600 minutes
(5.03/min after consumption)
SMS (all networks) Unlimited
Data (FUP) 1.2 GB
Extra Data price 1 GB / 99 CZK
Price with contract (24 months) -
Price without contract 494 CZK


The offer of O2 company seems quite attractive too, but don't cheer too much, their student tariffs are only available when signing a fixed-term contract for 2 yeas. Thumb down for that!

  [:kůl:] [:kůl:] data 2 GB
Calls (all networks) 120 minutes
(3.50/min after consumption)
120 minutes
(3.50/min after consumption)
SMS (within own network) Unlimited Unlimited
SMS (all networks) 1.50/SMS 1.50/SMS
Data (FUP) 200 MB 2 GB
Extra Data price 200 MB / 49 CZK 2 GB / 149 CZK
Price with contract (24 months) 299 CZK 499 CZK
Price without contract - -


The very last option is to choose T-Mobile "S námi pro mladé" plan. When reading their offer carefully, you can see the price without contract being 150 CZK higher then in case of signing 2-year agreement. Cannot compete with Vodafone tariff too.

  S námi pro mladé
Calls (within own network) Unlimited
Calls (all networks) 120 minutes (3.50/min after consumption)
SMS (all networks) Unlimited
Data (FUP) 700 MB
Extra Data price  -
Price with contract (24 months) 399 CZK
Price without contract 549 CZK

Pre-paid sim card (data only)

Maybe you don't need to use phone calls or send text messages and it is just enough to have a decent amount of the internet for reasonable price. In that case you should look for virtual mobile network providers or Vodafone pre-paid student card. You can easily pick from wide choice of data, phone calls and SMS messages and combine them together as you wish. You always prepay what you want to use in the upcoming month. In case you exceed the limit of the package you can easily buy a new one and continue for following 30 days. In the table bellow, you can find the price list of cheapest data you can get with the company providing this offer in Czech Republic.

  Price Provider
100 MB 50 CZK SAZKAmobil
200 MB 90 CZK SAZKAmobil
500 MB 100 CZK Vodafone
1.5 GB 300 CZK SAZKAmobil
2 GB 390 CZK BLESKmobil

In case you want to pick one of the data plans mentioned above, you can order either online or visit one of their sale points (usually newstand shops). Their websites are unfortunatelly available only in Czech language, so that you need to use a translator. Here are direct links for maps of their sale points: SAZKAmobil / BLESKmobil / Vodafone

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Already know where you would like to look for your accommodation? Your next step should be to start going through offers of property owners and landlords. In this article we will share the list of websites and Facebook groups with the highest density of property offers in Prague.

Facebook Groups

The first location where to look for a place to accommodate yourself for a longer term and the most useful for foreginers at the same time is Facebook. There are plenty of groups where landlords look for tenants and lessees for their future roomates. Most of the groups are in Czech language, but we feature you the combination of both Czech and English speaking groups. The diference is obvious, except the language spoken, in Czech speaking group you can find more Prague citizens offering their places. For English speaker only it can be difficult to find a place to stay in this kind (Czech speaking) of groups, but it is worth trying since the same quality aparments are offered for less rental price than in English speaking groups (usually).


There are other services than just Facebook groups helping you to find your new home in Prague. Here we give you the list of Czech websites where to search for a room, whole flat or just a shared place in the apartment. Mostly you will need to translate the page from Czech via Google Translator, some of the pages have their own translation too. Useful words: pronájem (rental), byt (flat), pokoj (room), sdílený (shared), samostatný (private). Don't know what location you would like to live in? Checkout our post about the best Prague locations for living.


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Arrived in Prague for your studies and still haven't reached 26 y.o.? We have a great news for you! You are entitled to get pretty huge discount on your transport card for Prague. In this article we will explain you step-by-step how to obtain student fares and save some money on using Prague transport.

prague public transport card

credit: www.litacka.cz

STEP 1: What you need to do first is to think whether you want to have an electronic card (as shown in the picture above) or get a paper coupon. There is no other diference than having a stylish card or just a piece of paper, both have the same functionality. The price for getting the electronic card is 100,- CZK (3,7 EUR) when you pick it up at one of the sale points around the city or 50,- CZK (1,8 EUR) in case you let them send you the card on your address (in Czech Republic). To get this card you just need to fill up the form and pay the fee on this website and wait around 14 days till its prepared for you.

STEP2: When we have the card / or decided to use a paper coupon it's time to obtain the document called "Žádost o vydání průkazky pro časovou jízdenku" needed to get a student fare (that huge discount :-). You should get this form at your university (in case you don't, ask at the metro sale points or download and print it out under this link. How to fill it up? See the green text and red notes in the picture bellow.

student fares in prague public transport form

STEP4: Everything filled up? Then you are good to get your prepaid ticket at the sale points of Prague  Public Transport Company. Don't forget to take the form above and your personal ID (or passport) with you. In case you ordered the electronic card take it with you or visit the point of sale, where you let the card to be delivered to. Here is the list of sale points, where you can get your discounted fare:

Sale points of Prague Public Transport
Metro Line "A" Metro Line "B" Metro Line "C"
Nemocnice Motol Zličín Háje
Nádraží Veleslavín Luka Opatov
Bořislavka Hůrka Roztyly
Dejvická Smíchovské nádraží Kačerov
Hradčanská Karlovo Náměsstí Vyšehrad
Můstek Anděl I. P. Pavlova
Náměstí Míru Můstek Hlavní nádraží
Želivského Florenc Nádraží Holešovice
Strašnická Palmovka Kobylisy
Skalka Vysočanská Ládví
Depo Hostivař Rajská zahrada Letňany
  Černý Most  

STEP5: Get a pre-paid ticked for the time period that suits you the most. You are allowed to pick the length of time you want to buy your ticket for. See the price list of student fares below:

1 month 260 CZK (9,6 EUR)
3 months 720 CZK (26,6 EUR)
5 months 1 200,CZK (44,4 EUR)
10 months* 2 400 CZK (88,8 EUR)

STEP6: Always carry your time coupon and the student ID card with you when travelling in Prague public transport. Inspectors checking validity of your tickets are common in all the means of transport (mostly in the metro). In case you don't plan to buy a ticket, checkout the mobile app called Fare2Bandit helping you to sneak around inspectors. (See Fare2Bandit page for fines applied when travelling without the ticket.)

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The easiest way how to move around Prague is to use our great network of public transport. Why not to make it even easier and search for your connections to travel faster and smarter without going around in circles. We bring you the list of the best Prague public transport apps and websites, where you can search your connection.


prague transport connection search

This service will help you to catch your metro, find connecting tram or search for the right bus or train to your destination in Prague.

Availability of desktop and mobile version of the website, iOS and Android app
Search by stop or exact address feature
Buy sms tickets right from the app
Missing offline search

IDOS mobile app is available in Czech and English version, their website can be reached in German too. This service does not allow you to plan the trip offline, but it remembers last 6 routes searched. The app will find the closest stop using your GPS location and you can either search by exact station or using the address of the place of your destination. On top of that you are able to display your route on the map. There is one extra feature called SMS ticket. Prague transport system allows to buy you tickets via SMS, this app will help you with sending such a message.

Get IDOS under these links

idos app store idos website idos google play

CG Transit

prague transport app

This app will help you to find connecting public transport, catch the tram or search for the right bus or train to your final destination in Prague. Fully offline!

Great user experience with the app
Full offline transport trip planning
30-day trial version for free, then 0.89€ / 1 year
Works only as a mobile app

CG Transit mobile app is available in Czech, Slovak and English version, there is no website version available. The best feature of this service is the offline search. After the installation of the app just download the package called “Prague - PID” and enjoy 30-day trial version for free. If you plan to stay longer, buy the package for 0,89€ when it expires and you will get the access for one year - this app totally worth the money! The app will find the closest stop on a map using your GPS location. You can either search by exact station or using the address of the place of your destination. On top of that you are able to display your route on the map and adjust your connections according to the time you need for your transfers. And there's one more brand new feature - you can easily save your chosen connection and display it later without searching for it.

Get CG Transit under these links

cg transit app store cg transit app website cg transit google play


prague transport without ticket

In some situations you may accidentally ride in Prague transport without the ticket bought. This kind of social network will tell you where to expect ticket inspectors.

Great number of users who keep situation up to date
May save you the fine for travelling without the ticket (800,- CZK)

This service can help you to travel without your ticket not paying the fine. There are plenty of users who mark places occupied by inspectors - stations you should avoid going to (or through). Wisely2Prague gurus do not recommend trying this if you are spending few days in the city like a tourist or using metro on a daily basis.  The inspections, mostly in metro stations, are not rare and the 800,- CZK fine (If you pay right away or within 14 days) is appreciably higher than 310,- CZK for a 3-day ticket. The app works in Czech, English and German versions, website is available only in Czech. Mobile apps are very easy to use and if you want to contribute to the community you need to sign up first.

Get Fare2Bandit under these links

fare2bandit app store fare2bandit website fare2bandit google play
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Prague public transport has very high coverage and sophisticated connections, making the time spent travelling in the taxi often longer. In the tables bellow you can find the comparison of several fares varying accroding to your age. If you visit Prague just for a couple of days, we recommend you buying one of the "Day" tarrifs. On the other hand foreign students at Prague universities have the opportunity to enjoy reduced pre-paid time fares for 1 up to 10 months. For more information with points of sales visit the website of Prague Transport.

Individual fares Adult Child (6 to 15)* Senior (65 to 70)* Child (0-6) + Senior (70+)
Short-term (30 min) 32 CZK (1,2 EUR) 16 CZK (0,6 EUR) 16 CZK(0,6 EUR) 0 CZK
Basic (90 min) 24 CZK (0,9 EUR) 12 CZK (0,4 EUR) 12 CZK (0,4 EUR) 0 CZK
1 Day (24 hours) 110 CZK (4 EUR) 55 CZK (2 EUR) 55,CZK (2 EUR) 0 CZK
3 Days (72 hours) 310 CZK (11,5 EUR) - - 0 CZK
 *For children from 6 to 15 years of age and seniors from 65 to 70 years of age and who are also travel card holders with proof of their special fare entitlement (the price of the electronic document – CZK 120, the price of the paper document - CZK 20), the fare for a trip in Prague (tariff zones P, 0 and B) is CZK 0.


Pre-paid time tickets Adult Junior (15 to 19)+ Student (19 to 26)* Senior (60 to 65)
1 month 550 CZK (20 EUR) 260 CZK (9,6 EUR) 260 CZK (9,6 EUR) 250 CZK (9,3 EUR)
3 months 1 480 CZK (55 EUR) 720 CZK (26,6 EUR) 720 CZK (26,6 EUR) 660 CZK (24,4 EUR)
5 months 2 450 CZK (91 EUR) 1 200 CZK (44,4 EUR) 1 200,CZK (44,4 EUR) 1 100 CZK (40,7 EUR)
10 months - 2 400 CZK (88,8 EUR) 2 400 CZK (88,8 EUR) -
1 year 3 650 CZK (135 EUR) - - -

*Valid ISIC cards issued in the CR for full-time students of secondary schools, tertiary technical schools, universities and post-secondary studies that are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports are recognized in the PIT system as certificates of study for passes and electronic fixed-period tickets for Prague (tariff zones P and 0, incl. B).

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 Are you interested in prices in Prague restaurants and cafés? Here is the list of the most common items sold there with a price range up to date.

Fastfood Prices

There's no better comparison of fastfood price level than cost of the Big Mac. In Prague it is 75 CZK (2,78 EUR). Mc Donald's surely isn't only fastfood chain in Prague, there are KFC, Burger King, Subway and plenty of more restaurants. Quick tip: Checkout Bageterie Boulevard, Czech fastfood chain with delicious bagels.

FastFoods Average price in CZK Average price in EUR
Big Mac (Mc Donald's) 75 2,78
Large McMenu (Mc Donald's) 125 4,63
Slice of pizza (1/8) 30 1,11

Prices in Prague Restaurants

In Czech Republic you can usually find so called lunch menus in the restaurants during the weekdays' lunchtime. Make sure to use this opportuinity of reduced fares for some chosen dishes and enjoy the meal for reasonable prices even in the expensive restaurants. One fun fact of Prague restaunrants and bars, it is not the exeption when 0,33 L beer is cheaper than water.

Restaurants Average price in CZK Average price in EUR
Daily lunch menu (main course only) 109 4,03
Meal in cheaper restaurant (main course only) 109 - 149 4,03 - 5,51
Meal in mid-range restaurant (main course only) 149 - 189 5,51 - 6,99
Czech draught beer (mid-range) 0,5 L 28 - 38 1,04 - 1,41
Czech draught beer (Pilsner Urquell) 0,5 L 40-45 1,48 - 1,67
Coca Cola (bottled) 0,33 L 30 1,11
Water (bottled) 0,33 L 25 0,93

Prices in Cafés

Prague is the city with some of the highest densities of cafés per km squared. You should definitelly visit some of them, in locations like Vinohrady, Karlín or New Town you can just walk around and pick the one you like the most - you shouldn't go wrong. In case you want to search for the best rated ones, use the service called Restu, where you can even make a reservation on a specific time.

Cafés Average price in CZK Average price in EUR
Espresso 47 1,74
Macchiato 52 1,92
Cappuccino 58 2,15
Caffè latte 68 2,52
Homemade lemonades 0,5 L 50-60 1,85 - 2,22
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Food Average price in CZK Average price in EUR
Chicken Breasts (Boneless, 1kg) 160,00 5,92
Pork Chop (Boneless, 1kg) 175,00 6,48
Fresh Edam Cheese 30% (1kg) 139,00 5,14
Czech Eggs (mid-range (10pcs) 38,90 1,44
Jasmin Rice (mid-range) 1kg 79,90 2,96
Pasta Penne (mid-range) 1kg 72,90 2,7
Fresh Semi-Fat Milk 1L 19,90 0,74
Fresh Consumer Bread Loaf 1,5kg 25,90 0,96
Bananas 1kg 32,90 1,22
Oranges 1kg 32,90 1,22
Apples Golden 1kg 29,90 1,11
Tomato 1kg 72,90 2,70
Carrot 1kg 16,90 0,63
Potato 1kg 16,90 063
Onion 1kg 12,90 0,48



Beverage Average price in CZK Average price in EUR
Coca Cola 2L bottle 29,90 1,1
Water 1,5 L bottle 11,90 0,44
Czech Beer (low-cost) 6,90 0,26
Czech Beer (mid-range) 13,90 0,51
Czech Beer (Pilsner Urquell) 24,90 0,92
Heineken Beer 0,4 L 17,90 0,66
Czech Red wine (mid-range) 89,90 3,33
Czech White wine (mid-range) 99,90 3,70
Finlandia Vodka 0,7 L 399,00 14,77
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey 0,7 L 599,00 22,17
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 0,7 L 419,90 15,54
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Coming to Prague for a couple of months and want to know where to search for an apartment? In this article we made living in Prague analysis, where the most popular areas are described by locals.


One of the cleanest parts of the city with historical old buildings situated very close to the city centre. This district is a home for the most of the stylish cafés, restaurants and bars of the Prague. Great amount of expats is staying in this quarter, especially around Jiřího z Poděbrad square. Since the area is located just next to the city centre, it offers a quick escape from the rush of the tourist places. Vinohrady are also a great choice for those who like to enjoy the fresh air in parks and views of the city landscape. Both Gröbovka park and Riegrovy sady are easily accesible and offers stunning views of Prague rooftops. On the other hand rent prices in Vinohrady are considered to be the highest in the city.

Quarter features

Average price per private room : 7 000 - 9 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Atrium Flora



* The red marker on the map marks the closest shopping mall.


Quarter sharing its southern border with Vinohrady is well known for its underground atmosphere among Prague citizens. Nevetheless there's no need to be afraid. The streets get more dirty, but you can enjoy the real life of Czech students and young people, who mostly stay there. If you seek  for a proper Czech pub you will surely find one (actually not one, but a lot) in Žižkov. Riegrovy sady and Vítkov hill are the closest parks, where to recharge your batteries after a long day. Rental prices tend to be lower than in case of Vinohrady, but do not expect a great fall - the neighbourhood is  very popular and located just few minutes away from the main railway station and the city centre.

Quarter features

Average price per private room: 6 500 - 8 500 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Atrium Flora or Palladium




You probably heard of Vinohrady. But, what if we tell you that there's a place in Prague offering as much as they do for a lower price per your dream room. Vršovice, mostly their northwestern part, is full of stylish cafés, restaurants and pubs. You may have already heard about Krymská street or as they say "Montmartre of Prague". Hipsters from all around the world meet there in the cosy cafés (turning into bars during the night). Gröbovka park is just behing the conrner. Want to undertake a longer run or walk? There's a pathway by the Botič stream leading to the edge of Prague and starting in the heart of Vršovice. 

Quarter features

Average price per private room: 7 000 - 9 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: NC Eden or Atrium Flora





This is the most changing part of the city. Old renovated houses, new office buildings, bars and amazing cafés - thats what you'll see at the first sight. Furthermore you can find parks and cycling trails nearby. Karlín is also very popular with expats who often choose it as a place to stay. Nowadays the rental prices are increasing and coming close to the level of Vinohrady, nevertheless you can find some good deals in this location too.

Quarter features

Average price per private room: 6 500 - 8 500 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Palladium





It is the first left bank quarter we introduce you. Since the area is very large we mention some specific  characteristics of some parts of the district. Anděl is the centre of Smíchov with streets of lively atmoshere, many pubs, bars, cultural venues and shopping possibilities. You can find all the best of the other parts of the city at one place.  The same applies to the area by the river and around Arbesovo náměstí or Újezd. Some quiet and romatic side lanes with many parks are located nearby (e.g. Petřín Hill). At the same time the hood around Smichovské nadraží (railway station) and Na Knížecí (bus station) are places where homeless people stay overnight. Neverthless we wouldn't say its an unsafe location. If you seek for lower rent of your room, the western part of Smíchov is the option, where better prices with great transport services to the city centre meet.

Quarter features

Single room price: 6 000 - 8 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Nový Smíchov




Old Town 

The Old Town itself is what the most of the expats are searching for when looking for a place to stay. We cannot recommend you living in this location which is very noisy all day long. Also, there are many tourist traps around and less shopping oportunities for usual Czech prices. Absence of parks and green vegetation makes it terribly warm during the summer. One more thing to hate is the price per private room which usually attacks 10 000 CZK. Not to mention only negative characteristics - who wouldn't want to wake up and see the view of Prague Old Town! (but be prepared to pay for that 🙂

Quarter features

Average price per private room: 8 000 - 10 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Palladium or My Národní



New Town 

Better choice than the Old Town, but mostly pretty far from the price/quality ratio. Most of the negative characteristics of the Old Town are present in the case of this quarter too. In this part you start seeing Prague citizens, so if you prefer living in the walkable distance to the historical part, this quarter could be the right for you. Do not recommend you living in the neighborhood of the Wenceslas square, which is some kind of underworld of the Prague (during the night).  Not to tell only negative features, the area at the south called Albertov offers calm environment, wide shopping possibilities and cosy restaurants or cafés having the Folimanka Park nearby. 

Quarter features

Average price per private room: 7 000 - 10 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Palladium or My Národní





Are you a sportsman? Than you should consider searching for an apartment in Holešovice district. Letenské sady and Stromovka are one of the largest parks in the city offering both beautiful sceneries (Letenské sady has a view of the city centre) and a space to relax. Holešovice may seem to be located far, but in fact due to the great transport connections, you are almost one step of the city centre. If you love the night life you may found useful the location of most of the Prague biggest clubs - e.g. SaSaZu, Mecca or Cross Club are located in this area. Holešovice are also home to City Market, where you can get fresh food as well as clothes and electronics (Alza.cz).

Quarter features

Price per private room: 6 000 - 8 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Palladium





Nusle is the quarter at the south of New Town and Vršovice districts, intersected by a highway. The areas located around Náměstí bratří Synků, Jezerka park and Pražského povstání metro station are mostly comprised of block of flats and apartment buildings. The part called Pankrác is the shopping and entertaining center of Nusle with high-rise apartment and office buildings. Nusle doesn't offer many nightlife opportunities, it is more residential area.

Quarter features

Single room price: 6 000 - 8 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Arkády Pankrác





The quarter situated by the right bank of the Vltava river southern from the city centre is mostly residential. It is considered to be a very safe area with many options for sporty people (e.g. Podolí swimming pool or riverside cycleway). There are plenty of restaurants, in summer Žluté lázně beach offers sport and relax oporutinities. However if you are a  lover of stylish cafés or nighlife, Podolí won't be the area to live in for you.

Quarter features

Single room price: 5 500 - 9 000 CZK

Nearby shopping center: Arkády Pankrác